Antarctica on Fire

 – Still under Construction –

The Team

Art, Modelling and Textures: Wiebke Diderich, Jan Miguel Carretero
Programming, Balancing & Animations: Marcel Faust, Christian Schirner

The Task

In December 2016 we were given the task to create a game that fits our own ideas and visions while trying to work under time pressure. We basically had 4 weeks to imagine a concept, write a game design document, distribute the tasks and – well – create the game. Since we were a team of 4 we decided to equally split into a group of programmers and a group of artists so that the both of us could focus on different subjects. My programming colleague Christian Schirner and I were responsible for everything that involves game mechanics, balancing, implementation of animations, everything that needs coding in C#.

Since this is the sight through the coders eyes I won’t touch topics that involve modelling or textures in general.

The Idea

I want to showcase a small collection of videos we took to explain what this game was made of and how certain mechanics work.