Welcome to the place where I write and post reviews for games I played and liked. Some of them differ in their style of writing or structure to increase their diversity. If you want to add a comment, feel free to do so. Contact me via mail, facebook, twitter or contact form if you have a question, want to share some thoughts or simply need to get in touch with me.

The Last Door

Classic Point and Click meets Victorian Horror in this Pixelaxted Indie Gem.

The Cat Lady

A mature story about life and death in modern times, wrapped in great artwork, sound and plot.

Until I Have You

Blade Runner meets Pixel Art in this Challenging Platformer with unique mechanics and dreary story.


3D Adventure heavyily influenced by Lucas Arts and PSX-era games with great lore and directed camera.


A gruesome festival of arts that combines point and click with smart puzzles and impactful morale choices.


Spellcasting FPS in a randomly generated dungeon sums up into a superb but unforgiving magic roguelike.